Saturday, June 12, 2010

Support Elaine Penn

This wonderful adoptee activist, Elaine Penn, will speak her truth to New Jersey legislators on Monday, June 14th at around 2pm.

You can listen live at:

She has endured so much due to her "maternal source" (Read story here) that we all need to give her our love and support!

Here is her blog, give her a shout!

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Louise McOrmond-Plummer said...

I read an article about Elaine, and was very sad about the unkindness displayed to her by Kathleen. If Kathleen wanted no contact, fine, but I don't believe the sheer nastiness of her reponse was merited. I decided to Google Elaine to see if I could reach out to her, and came to your blog.

I must say I take exception to the blog you've linked to, comprised as it is of vicious attacks on Kathleen Foley including tired old conjecture that she must be lying about being raped, and about her mental health. There is no need for this either.