Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It came and went...

My birthday came and went. I turned 44 without fanfare and that's okay with me. I was okay with all of that. I didn't hear from my daughter. I haven't in awhile. I really thought I would, it was the anniversary of her first e-mail. I just thought I would get something, a MySpace comment, something... Like I said I haven't heard from her in awhile. It hurts. I am not going to go all over-dramatic on this. I've known for awhile the path this was taking. I just want to be a thought in her mind occasionally.

I'll keep hoping, for now I just need to TRY to think of something else besides adoption for awhile. My good friend Suz is feeling big pain too, has to sort it out. Perhaps there is something in the water. More likely it is just adoption...

Hugs to all...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristy. I've learned that we must not put our happiness (or lack of) into the hands of others, even our children. It is within you.

Hugs, Denise

P.S. Thanks for finding my new blog

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated birthday. It was my birthday in Jan. I blogged about it.
Mine was the same but in reverse
I didnt hear from her, my mother..Even though I sent her photos of her grandchildren at Christmas, but then I didnt hear from her at christmas either
I met another cousin in December though all the way from the UK.
She hates me (my mother that is) I just know it - so does my sister who is standing stoically by my mother in all this.
I sent her photos too


Sigh I feel your pain

Lorraine Dusky said...

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