Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Figuring it all out


Main Entry:
1 : an act of reuniting : the state of being reunited
2 : a reuniting of persons after separation

Sounds simple right?

She e-mails me, it's her. I have waited 22 years to find her. I guess I really never considered that she might not really want to know me. That she was completely happy with her parents and there wouldn't be room for me. What an ego I must have to never have considered it. I had seen it happen, one of the most precious friends I have out here was going through it. A daughter who said she didn't want her nmother in her life. But not me too.

She is completely happy being adopted. She has everything she ever wanted. She is happy, isn't that what I wanted after all? Am I just being selfish to ask for more? Am I just being selfish wanting to know her?


Anonymous said...


It makes me want to

I am so TIRED of this


Why are all the Mums that are longing for their child to love them have the child that pushes them away
And the Adopted Child that is desperate for their Mother (LIKE ME) has a mother that doesnt want to know

What kind of fucked up Karma is THAT

:( *Cry*

Im sorry

I wish I WAS your daughter. We'd be happy.
Because you want your child and I want my Mother.

KristySearching said...

I know dear Jane, It just makes me so crazy, I want to find the mom's who deny contact and scream at them, DON'T YOU KNOW HOW FRICKIN LUCKY YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn Karma.

Big Hugs & Love cuz you deserve it!